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a sunsoaked evening of love, laughs and sparklers

on a beautiful afternoon this past fall, i traveled three hours south to document the magic of the croucher family. i don’t think i stopped smiling from the moment i arrived until long after i’d made the drive back home to edmonton late that evening.

from their warm welcome and the perfect mix of laughter and chaos and tenderness, to the way the older kids were so lovely with the littler ones and the way mom and dad looked upon their family with such love, it was a joy to document a piece of their story and create a gallery filled with the ordinary extraordinary moments that make up their days. i came away from our session filled with gratitude and feeling optimistic about how life with teenagers in my own home could look in a few years’ time.

christine was kind enough to share some words about the experience after the session and reading her words may or may not have made me a bit teary…

“andrea is a natural storyteller and her playful, adaptable and experienced approach immediately set us at ease as we were assured that our version of wild, crazy chaos is in fact beautiful and worthy of being celebrated. she has taken an ordinary evening for our family and told a story of love, life and family in images we will cherish for a lifetime.”

introducing front step stories

if you’re subscribed to my newsletter, or follow me on social media, you’ll have seen that earlier this winter i was so excited to introduce front step stories to my session offerings. not your average front porch portrait, these are a snack sized version of my signature storytelling sessions with a focus on connection, creativity and a sprinkle of whatever it is that makes your family unique.

in a time when home and family are more important than ever, what better place to have a piece of your story told than on your own front step, so when you look back on these images years down the road, you’ll remember the best bits of this unprecedented time — the magic found in slowing down, being together, and finding joy within your own four walls.

(bonus points: you can pop inside the door for a moment or two to warm up when it’s chilly outside!)

i’d love to chat with you about meeting your family on your front step and helping start your new year off with a little bit of photo magic. please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!

a brand new baby brother and the first snowfall of the season

there is magic in your story.

in your newborn’s first snowfall and your toddler’s first taste of fresh snow. in the quiet snuggles and giggly tickles of your early days as a family of four. in tiny fingers and toes, and getting to know each other, and so much love your heart might just burst.

it is such an honour to tell your stories.

thank you.

christmas cookies in hankiland

because the year has been anything but average in so many ways, this holiday season we are making sure to fit in all of our favourite traditions that make the season special and create a sense of normalcy for the kids. from our annual tree hunt to decorating gingerbread houses to baking all of our favourite treats, we’re fitting in as many much-loved activities as we can to highlight the best bits of the holidays and make things feel as festive as possible.

it really isn’t a holiday in hankiland if we aren’t making cookies, so we partnered with save on foods this month and were able to squeeze in some baking and decorating after school to add in some extra cheer at the end of a long week. while the sun may have left us halfway through, the magic sure didn’t.


1 cup softened western family salted butter
2 cups flour
3/4 cups powdered sugar

  • mix all ingredients in stand mixer until dough forms a ball.
  • roll out to 1/3 inch thickness (hot tip: we use icing sugar instead of flour on our table and rolling pin!) and cut out using your favourite cutters.
  • bake at 325 on an ungreased cookie sheet for 10-12 minutes.


1 cup western family salted butter
4 cups powdered sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
4-5 tbsp heavy cream

  • cream 1 cup butter until fluffy.
  • add in icing sugar, 1 cup at a time, until fully combined.
  • add in vanilla extract and pour in cream, starting with 4 tbsp and adding more until desired consistency is reached;
  • use food colouring to create your favourite colours and have fun decorating! (we use piping bags when we have them but have settled for popsicle sticks or butter knives when we don’t!) 

baking with kids is never about perfection, but about having fun and enjoying time together, and celebrating the beautiful messes that ensue. this year we’ll be looking at the holidays much the same — things may not be perfect but as per our 12 days of magic list, you better believe we’ll be doing everything we can to make the most of these messy, beautiful days.

happy baking.

twelve days of magic

as the holidays approach, i wanted to create a list of fun and easy activities to bring some extra joy into your days.

this might sound silly to some of you, but i’ve learned over the years that daily advent activity calendars can overwhelm me. it’s not so much the number of activities that is the issue, but the obligation to cross one off every day and the feeling of getting “behind” if i miss a day.

i figured i can’t be the only one with this problem and that’s why this year i created our ’12 days of magic’ list instead.

i love the fact that whenever we have some down time or need to inject some magic into our day, we can pick an activity (or three) to do, but there is zero pressure to fit one in every single day.

we’d be thrilled to have you play along with us in any way that feels right for you — whether that means crossing off every item on the list or just picking one or two that seem like a good fit. you’re invited to:

  • print the graphic, cut the circles out and place in a jar, and draw one to do each day,
  • save the image to your phone and pull it out whenever you need a bit of extra cheer,
  • pick one or two activities that feel good for your family and leave the rest,
  • or play along with us on instagram! our family will be checking off the activities as we go with the hashtag #todaywefoundmagic and we’d love to see which ones are bringing joy to your family.

i’m secretly hoping we space things out well enough that the activities will keep us feeling festive through our holiday break!

wishing you the very best this holiday season, and always.





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