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i’m andrea.

i tell stories much better with photographs than i do with words — bear with me.

i love pink lemonade and red wine; camping in the mountains and building sand castles on the beach. i’m a big fan of both thunderstorms and sunsets, and i’m at my happiest while watching my kids explore the world, camera in hand. i also like to shop.

  • it’s been said i think in bullet points.
  • i don’t disagree.

i stop the car for sunny rain, storm clouds, and fluffy snowflakes. and when i fall in love with a song, i play it constantly; on repeat, all day long.

i have a tendency to look for the positive. the light. the pretty. it’s everywhere.

i think everyday is worth celebrating and will look for any excuse to throw a party.confetti
i need to create. crafts. images. outfits. you name it. my husband mark and i have created three people so far (lila. cole. oscar). they are my best part, my greatest creation.

although i’ve enjoyed photography since i was a little girl, it wasn’t until my photographer offered me a job on my wedding day that i began to consider it as a potential career. i didn’t even own a camera at that point, but soon after, pink sugar photography was born, and in the nine years since that awesome day, i’ve yet to look back.

i like kids, like “have a degree in elementary education” like kids. this is a bit contradictory to my penchant for improper capitalization, so it’s perhaps better that i find myself in the role of photographing your children rather than educating them.

in a perfect world, my life would be full of celebrations and road trips and crafternoons and so many amazing photographs of so many amazing families that i completely lose count. throw in some confetti and bubbly, and a whole lot of quality time spent with the people i love most, and i am one happy mama.

these are my dreams. i’d love for you to be a part of them.