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your family is amazing

the way your newborn loves to sleep with her arms up beside her face, and those tiny baby smiles she gives just as she drifts off.  how your preschooler insists on wearing a bandaid… or three, and his hair always sticks up in the back no matter what you put in it.  the impish look she gets as she sneaks a finger full of cookie dough from the mixing bowl, and the pride on his face as he shows off the paintings he’s created that you’ve hung on your fridge.  because your growing son will still hold your hand as long as he thinks no one is watching, and he looks like he’s going to burst with pride as his little sister takes off on her bike without training wheels for the first time.

because bubble beards. enough said.

that face your little boy makes every time he bites into an apple, and the way he carries his favourite dinosaur in his hand wherever he goes.  the way your partner looks at you when you hold your new baby close to your chest and breathe her in; you’re exhausted and might have some spit up on your shirt but you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.  because your toddler has to wear seven necklaces at all times, no more, no less, and she absolutely NEEDS to wear that superhero cape to the grocery store.

how your baby suckles in his sleep, and his big brother is so thrilled to help feed him every chance he gets.  you’ve always brushed her hair to the side when it’s in her face, and now that she’s almost up to your shoulder, you can quickly kiss the top of her head every time she comes in for a quick hug. the way he laughs with glee when thrown into the air, and how she plays with your hair as she’s falling asleep. they are your everything.

the wonder in their eyes as you blow the biggest bubble they’ve ever seen, fly that kite way above the trees or show them that you’ve still got it on the monkey bars.  the way you look at the baby growing inside when she kicks, wondering when she will be here, what she will look like, who she will be. because you can just be hanging around the house, making couch forts and pancakes on a saturday morning, and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

i think your family is amazing. i want to show you. i want you to remember. let me tell your story.


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