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make your own magic: a very hanki summer bucket list

i love summer.

the blur of messy, beautiful, magical chaos. complete with sunshine and laughter, bickering in the backseat, boredom and adventure, and everything in between.

this year, like every other year since the kids have been old enough to contribute, we created a family magic list.

a collection of activities big and small that we hope to accomplish in the sixty-odd days between school getting out in june and the kids heading back in september.

intentional bits of magic tucked in amidst the lazy mornings, the “i’m so bored”s, and the endless quest for more snacks.

we went extra big this year, including 60 items to cross off (with the caveat that there’s zero pressure to get to every single thing).

it’s simply inspiration to draw from when we hit a lull in the day.

as i approach the midpoint of my fourteenth summer as a parent, i can feel all too well just how fleeting (and valuable) this season is, and i’m more passionate than ever about soaking up and remembering these summer moments with the ones i love.

i want to make sure you have the opportunity to do the same with yours.

i’ve included our list below and hope it inspires an activity or two that you might want to try out with your own family.

even better, if you’ve been inspired to create a little extra summer joy, i’d love to document it for you so you can remember the magic in this season for years to come!

let’s spend an evening crossing a few items off your own family’s list. you’ll make memories to last a lifetime AND come out with some proof at the end that you were there too.

i have just THREE august sessions remaining and i’d love to spend one of them telling the story of YOUR family doing the summery things you love most.

and because preserving this time (for my family and for yours!) is so important to me, i’m offering my best savings of the year on these sessions.

save up to $500 when you book your august summer bucket list session before july 31!

simply send me a quick email and let’s chat about planning the perfect summer evening with your family.

i can’t wait to make magic with you!

download a copy of the magic list here!





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