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edmonton newborn photographer: the magic of brand new babies

there is a lot i’m not certain about, but this i know for sure: there’s nothing quite like meeting brand new babies to make life feel a little bit lighter.

and in a time when the world feels especially heavy, i am so grateful that i get to spend my days photographing your growing families — celebrating your beautiful milestones, and finding little bits of everyday magic tucked in with all the messy bits.

all of the love as you all get acquainted, and those sweet baby yawns. the snack breaks (for baby and parents alike), and all of the cuddles. the special moments in that newborn haze that will be made a little less blurry thanks to the photos you have to remember them by, and let’s not forget, the tiniest stretched out toes.

i was lucky enough to get to create these images and tell the story of baby remington’s early days with his family a couple of years back. as we await the arrival of a new baby that will level him up to the big brother of the house, i wanted to share them this afternoon to contrast some of the heaviness in the world with a little bit of joy.

there is no greater compliment than photographing families for a second (or third or fourth…) and can’t wait to see how much remi has grown, and meet his new baby brother or sister, very soon!





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