your storythere is magic inpure magic

.what life through the lens of my phone looks like.

i missed the deadline for the "what ____ looks like" group this month so i'm breaking the rules and sharing something a little different instead 🙂 two months ago i [finally] joined instagram and i've since fallen a little in love with both the community there and the camera in my phone. i've been so inspired by the amazing things that people are sharing and creating, and i'm loving the challenge of creating art and documenting our life without the gear i usually carry around. here's a glimpse into what i've been seeing through my phone over the last two months.

if you'd like to see more of what i'm sharing on instagram, my username is andreahanki. and let me know yours — i'd love to check out your photos too! happy tuesday 🙂 xox, andrea.





hi, i'm andrea.


i believe in celebrating the good

in every day and i feel so lucky

to get to tell the messy,

magical, authentic stories

of busy, beautiful perfectly

imperfect families like yours.

never underestimate
the value of tiny
explosions of magic
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