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at the rate i’m going, it’ll be march before i start talking about this year 😉 november was a bit of a blur with lila’s third birthday and cole’s arrival so this monthly recap is going to be pretty quick! jumping right in…

early november was spent enjoying every last minute being a family of three. we had lots of adventures and outings — baking, park dates, swimming, aquarium, fort building, train rides, birthday parties, shopping, lunch dates, amusement park… all of things lila loves that i knew wouldn’t be happening quite as frequently with the addition of a new babe.


we also spent some time preparing (and waiting) for baby. i finally finished painting the nursery and we tried without success to figure out some name options. i was 95% certain at this point that we’d be having a little boy (i had boy and girl nursery plans and decided to just go ahead with the boy ideas!) which made the naming process that much more stressful — we could not agree on ANYTHING.


li awoke on her birthday and even before noticing the balloons everywhere, the first thing she did was reach down to touch my belly and ask why the baby hadn’t come yet. i guess we’d hyped up the idea of turning three and the baby arriving at the same time that it just didn’t make sense to her that she wasn’t waking up to a new baby brother or sister. (i’ll admit that it was a little weird for mark and i as well — with lila arriving over three weeks early, going over due was a bit of a change for us!) needless to say though, we had a fantastic day celebrating three and i’m super happy the kiddos won’t have to share a birthday.

four days later we welcomed little cole henry into the world. it was a relatively quick and complication free labour and delivery and we were back home twelve hours after he arrived. we actually had the go ahead to head home a few hours earlier but stuck around the hospital until we’d settled on a name for the little guy… it took twelve hours but we did it, and though it took a couple of days to be 100% confident with the choice, it feels absolutely perfect for him now 🙂


the next few days were mostly spent just snuggling and adjusting to our new life. on the last day of the month, we snuck in our first portrait as a family of four 🙂


hope 2012 is treating everyone great so far 🙂 stick around for lots more news and photos very soon! happy monday. xox, andrea.





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