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thought i might as well get caught up all at once here 🙂

december started out a wee bit rough with some sort of mystery post partum infection but after a visit to emerg, one to the doctor, and a myriad of tests with no definitive results, i ended up on some antibiotics and life improved drastically 🙂 103 degrees for three days with a new baby and a three year old wasn’t particularly pleasant!

in addition to spending time getting to know the new guy, making sure the little lady was also feeling extra special and visiting with friends and family, we also had a belated celebration for miss lila’s third birthday, a small party to celebrate cole’s arrival and enjoyed a quiet christmas at home, just the four of us.

we kept things fairly simple all around — lila had a small party one morning with a few special friends, and then after a quick redecorate, we had a casual open house for cole later that same day. at li’s party we made snowglobes with the kiddos and decorated snowflake cookies before opening presents and eating snowball cake. the kids had fun, the snacks were tasty and there were no major meltdowns. can’t ask for much more than that at a three year old party 😉


sharing christmas with a three year old really reminds you of how magical the holidays really can be. we set out cookies and milk for santa, along with carrots and reindeer snacks for rudolph and friends and lila was so excited to wake up to find only remnants of the snack on christmas morning. we all slept in late, li had an absolute blast opening up gifts (hers and everyone else’s), cole was in a great mood, mark and i made our first turkey dinner, and we just enjoyed snuggling and playing together all day. all in all, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect holiday.


we headed to bc for a few days after christmas to celebrate with mark’s family and got to see some old friends as well, which is always awesome. the kiddos did pretty well on the eight hour drive, cole turned a month old, and we finally got the chance to enjoy some winter weather for a few days. it’s been so mild and snow free in edmonton up until this past week, that it was a treat to actually have a white christmas — even if it was a few days late 😉


december marked the end of one personal project, and the beginning of another. i wrapped up a year in the life of miss lila and have begun documenting our adventures as a family of four, along with sharing some other bits and pieces, over in pinksugarland. please feel free to stop by anytime 🙂 (and if you want to see a bit more of our winter decor — pop on over right now!)


what an incredible year — can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store 🙂

xox, andrea





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