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make your own magic: rainbow window painting

twelve months ago, as the world was shutting down around us, i made a conscious decision to look for more magic in my days. when the days were tricky, i chose gratitude and finding joy to cope with the uncertainty around us. sometimes that meant noticing little glimmers of goodness that were already there, and on days when we couldn’t find any, it meant making magic ourselves.

one of the activities that we did to create some magic during those initial weeks at home was painting on our windows. i’m happy to report that one year later, our lovely little rainbow still happily welcomes every single visitor to our front porch.

if you’d like to create your own, all you need is: some acrylic paint in the colours of your choice, dish soap, a paintbrush, a piece of paper and some painter’s tape.

rainbow window painting

1. prep your paint.
fill small containers with 2 tbsp of acrylic paint in each of your chosen colours.
add 1 tsp of dish soap to each colour and mix well.

2. prep your window.
cut a heart shape out of paper.
using painter’s tape, tape the heart to your work surface.
remove taped heart from work surface and trim heart, leaving a 1 cm tape border.
stick heart to window and use painter’s tape to protect the trim alongside your window.

3. paint the window.
using your paint and dish soap mixture, paint rainbow a rainbow (or half of one like i did!) over top of your tape heart.

4. remove tape.
peel away tape from heart and window trim.

5. enjoy!
add a bit of joy to your view, day or night.

whether it’s the way the sun shines in through your window, finding the perfect heart shaped rock on a walk, or a rainbow painted on your front window, i hope you find some magic in your days this week.

be sure to tag me on instagram if you decide to try out this tutorial! i can’t wait to see what you create.





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