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.what winter in edmonton looks like.

snow and sleds and skates and forts and shovels and slides and some sunshine too.
edmonton lifestyle photographeredmonton lifestyle photographeredmonton lifestyle photographeredmonton lifestyle photographer

i can clearly remember really enjoying winter as a child, and then, as i grew older, slowly beginning to dread it more and more each year. these kiddos have reintroduced me to the joys of winter, and given that the ground up here is usually covered in the white stuff six or so months of the year, that is a very good thing!


after totally dropping the ball with my monthly recaps in 2012, i've joined up with a lovely and talented group of ladies this year, in an effort to celebrate and document the everyday with our children (and to hopefully keep myself accountable, ha). the idea is that following my post, you'll click on through to the next photographers in the circle to see what ____ looks like to each of us.

and so, for my first post (i cheated and used images from the past couple of months), this what winter in edmonton looks like for us in pinksugarland 🙂

next up, go check out summer murdock | salt lake city area lifestyle photographer. i've just been introduced to her work and am so excited to see what she has to share this month!

and a quick side note: my personal blog, adventures in pinksugarland has been nominated over on apartment therapy for the best family & kids blog. if you'd like to add your vote, you can do that here. thank you!!

happy monday! xox, andrea





hi, i'm andrea.


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in every day and i feel so lucky

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never underestimate
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