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.what lila’s first haircut looks like.

five inches of those wispy blond ends tied in a tiny pink ponytail on the floor and suddenly she seems so very grown up.edmonton lifestyle photographeredmonton lifestyle photographeredmonton lifestyle photographeredmonton lifestyle photographer


the fact that she wanted to hold my hand the majority of the time made it a wee bit easier for both of us i think 🙂 big thanks to the lovely stacie paige at celebrity for making my initially reluctant little lady so comfortable in that big chair.


next, let’s see what wendy vonsosen | san fransisco bay area lifestyle photographer and her four beautiful kiddos have been up to this month!
(and if you missed last month’s post, you can check out what this is all about here).

happy monday! xox, andrea





hi, i'm andrea.


i believe in celebrating the good

in every day and i feel so lucky

to get to tell the messy,

magical, authentic stories

of busy, beautiful perfectly

imperfect families like yours.

never underestimate
the value of tiny
explosions of magic
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