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make your own magic: twelve days of magic

as the holidays approach, i wanted to create a list of fun and easy activities to bring some extra joy into your days.

this might sound silly to some of you, but i’ve learned over the years that daily advent activity calendars can overwhelm me. it’s not so much the number of activities that is the issue, but the obligation to cross one off every day and the feeling of getting “behind” if i miss a day.

i figured i can’t be the only one with this problem and that’s why this year i created our ’12 days of magic’ list instead.

i love the fact that whenever we have some down time or need to inject some magic into our day, we can pick an activity (or three) to do, but there is zero pressure to fit one in every single day.

we’d be thrilled to have you play along with us in any way that feels right for you — whether that means crossing off every item on the list or just picking one or two that seem like a good fit. you’re invited to:

  • print the graphic, cut the circles out and place in a jar, and draw one to do each day,
  • save the image to your phone and pull it out whenever you need a bit of extra cheer,
  • pick one or two activities that feel good for your family and leave the rest,
  • or play along with us on instagram! our family will be checking off the activities as we go with the hashtag #todaywefoundmagic and we’d love to see which ones are bringing joy to your family.

i’m secretly hoping we space things out well enough that the activities will keep us feeling festive through our holiday break!

wishing you the very best this holiday season, and always.





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