tidbits of magic: your family is amazing

one of the ways i am most excited to celebrate this milestone month in my business is by sharing fifteen of the most valuable lessons i’ve learned in my fifteen years as a photographer. fifteen tidbits of magic, if you will.

i say this one a lot, but i believe so strongly in it that it needs its own permanent space here on this list here:

your family is amazing.

yes, yours.

it’s not because you’re perfect or your life is super easy or you have the coolest stuff. in fact, it’s often the things you might see as imperfections that make your family really interesting. it’s the way you can still find the good despite the challenges in your days. it’s the unique ways you choose to live your life and love one another that make your family so very magical.

and this is why i believe so strongly that your family photos should be more than just all of you standing there smiling at my camera.

why i work so hard to help you plan a session authentic to YOU and not just what might be trendy at any given moment.

i want your photos to not only show you how good you look in this moment but to also to tell the story of the way you love each other and live your lives too.

you’re family is amazing. i can’t wait to show you all the ways ✨

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