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tidbits of magic: share what you love

one of the ways i am most excited to celebrate this milestone month in my business is by sharing fifteen of the most valuable lessons i’ve learned in my fifteen years as a photographer. fifteen tidbits of magic, if you will.

if this past year has taught us anything, it’s the value of connection. and one of the best ways to bring people together is to

share what you love.

the world is made brighter by people who are lit up by the things they love. so find what it is that ignites you and spread that magic around like wildfire.

go ahead,

share your talents with the world.
share experiences with loved ones.
share snacks.
share stories.
share love.
share art and ideas and photos and funny memes.
share your favourite new finds and the businesses you love.
share your best lemon dessert recipe.
(really… my inbox is open and hopeful 🍋💛✨)

whatever it is that lights you up on any given day, share some of that.

because now more than ever, so many of us are looking for ways to feel connected.

for me, sharing these lessons over the past month — and the bits of joy i’ve had the privilege of documenting for my own family and yours over the past fifteen years — has filled my heart more than i can say. so thank you so much to all of you who are here sharing this journey with me!

while we’re on the subject of gratitude and sharing, if there are people in your life who you think might resonate with any of these lessons, or be a good fit for my photography style, even after fifteen years, i’m always so grateful when you share and spread the word ✨

ps. this lesson seemed like the perfect place to share a sliver of magic from each of the families i’ve been lucky enough to work with in the last few weeks — a huge thank you to every single one of you for trusting me to tell a piece of your story. i couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity.





hi, i'm andrea.


i believe in celebrating the good

in every day and i feel so lucky

to get to tell the messy,

magical, authentic stories

of busy, beautiful perfectly

imperfect families like yours.

never underestimate
the value of tiny
explosions of magic
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