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i think september may have been my favourite month so far this year. we finally got some summer weather for a couple of weeks AND then the leaves started changing (which as much as i dread the six months of snow on the way… i totally love) as we fast tracked our way into fall. in addition to the beautiful weather, add in lots of family time, progress being made on renovations, a bunch of great clients, and an almost three year old who is going through a ridiculously awesome stage right now, and it makes for a pretty fantastic month. i know it all sounds like sunshine and rainbows, but seriously, aside from a few aches and pains and the odd ‘omigoodness, how am i ever going to get everything done before this baby arrives’ moment, i have nothing to even think about complaining about.

for the long weekend, mark headed to bc on a fishing trip with his dad while my mom flew up here for a quick visit with us girls 🙂 time flew by as usual, but lila got to spend some quality time with gramma, i got delicious home cooked meals every night (thanks mom!) and to top it all off, my mom snapped two of my very favourite images of my girl and i ever!


a couple of weeks later, we finally went to check out jurassic forest with some good friends mid month (after a cancelled trip to see the dinosaurs in drumheller, it was the least we could do for the kiddos) and it was awesome! the dinosaur trails and fossil sandbox were a huge hit and we shared a picnic on the grounds as well. had it not been naptime for our two adventurers, we could have easily spent more time there and i’d definitely recommend it to anyone in the edmonton area.


basement renovations are slowly progressing (woohoo, the electricity has been wired and drywall has begun!) and the bedroom improvement project is pretty much finished. i still have to finish up painting the ensuite and bedroom and closet doors, but i’m now also working on finding the perfect things to decorate, printing art and photos for the walls, and just making it feel cozy. here’s a quick iphone snap of the top of one of our dressers, and a self portrait of the littlest (still very much unnamed) one and i in front of the new walls!


september also marked the start of lila’s first dance class, which has been super fun for the two of us. it’s a fun, parented class focused on movement and is perfect for the 2-3 year old crowd with lots of dancing, music and storytelling. we’ve been spending lots of time at home twirling and marching and tip toeing around  🙂


and, what would the month be without the obligatory fall photoshoot? the colours and light here in late september are pretty awesome so we headed out with friends a couple of evenings this month to capture just that.


as for our monthly photo… we had two family/maternity photo sessions in september so it sort of slipped my mind to get out and get a photo of the three of us together, but i did remember on october 2nd, so i’m totally cheating with this last photo 😉 please say you’ll forgive me?


happy october! xox, andrea.





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