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it has been a busy few days in pinksugarland.

edmonton photographer


big thanks to my friend mike (isn’t his new website AWESOME?) for recommending the shake it photo app. i wasn’t about to lug my camera bag around with me as we moved across town, but my iphone was always on me if i wanted to snap a few images, and i love the little story we now have of our move (into our first home — yay!). back to regularly scheduled programming shortly — i have a bunch of sessions and a gorgeous jasper wedding from this weekend (when i mentioned it had been a busy few days i wasn’t kidding!) just itching to be shared. happy tuesday! xox, andrea





hi, i'm andrea.


i believe in celebrating the good

in every day and i feel so lucky

to get to tell the messy,

magical, authentic stories

of busy, beautiful perfectly

imperfect families like yours.

never underestimate
the value of tiny
explosions of magic
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