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it feels like march was a really long time ago — thank goodness i take photos all the time or i’m not sure i would remember any of it! looking back, the weather (as usual) was totally random. there were a couple of perfect winter days (of which we hadn’t had ANY of this year until march) of mild temperatures and giant snowflakes, a few really chilly ones, and then there were gorgeous sunshiney days where we spend time outside coat free. again, if you’ve been following our adventures in pinksugarland you may be experiencing a little deja vu with this post, but nonetheless, here is march as told by my camera.

our weekly thursday excursions in march brought us to the nature centre, the art gallery, and the museum.


we went out.


we stayed in.


and it was awesome. (anyone who says dressing boys isn’t as fun as dressing girls, is just crazy.)


in other news, i am back shooting as of this month and my season is filling up quite quickly. i believe i have one session remaining in late june and am currently booking for the rest of 2012 as well. i am very seriously considering a week in the seattle and vancouver areas in october so if you’re from washington or bc and would like to be added to the wait list to be notified when the trip details are finalized, please let me know! the number of inquiries i receive will strongly influence whether or not we’ll head out that way so if you’re interested, please do let me know 🙂

enjoy the long weekend!!

xox, andrea





hi, i'm andrea.


i believe in celebrating the good

in every day and i feel so lucky

to get to tell the messy,

magical, authentic stories

of busy, beautiful perfectly

imperfect families like yours.

never underestimate
the value of tiny
explosions of magic
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