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make your own magic: cherry lime mojito ice pops

summer is here and with it, the gift of time. there’s not much i love more than the magic found in warm, slow summer days with my family and i’m planning to take full advantage of every single one of them.whether we’re relaxing in the backyard or picnicking in the park, one of our most loved summer treats is homemade ice pops and with cherry season in full swing, these are our current favourites:


2 cups fresh cherries
juice of one lime
5 chopped mint leaves
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 cup western family vanilla greek yogurt

– remove pits from cherries.
– blend all ingredients except yogurt in blender until smooth.
– fill popsicle moulds 1/3 full with cherry mixture.
– add 2 tbsp of yogurt to each and top with more cherry.
– add sticks and freeze a few hours until solid.
– enjoy!





hi, i'm andrea.


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