it’s been a while, but i have a good excuse!

little lila claire decided to bless us with an early appearance and was born three and a half weeks ahead of schedule on november 23. our little family is doing amazingly well and i can’t even recall what life was like before lila arrived. everything just seems a little more perfect these days 🙂

mark and i have been spending most of our time just sitting and staring at our little girl, so she hasn’t seen a lot of time in front of my camera just yet, but here’s one quick little shot from when she was two days old… it’s amazing how much she has changed already!


i’m sure there will be lots more where that came from in the upcoming weeks!


i have a few other posts to catch up on as well in the next little while as well — like andrea and chad’s wedding i was booked to shoot on november 22… (notice anything interesting about the date?)

until then. xox, andrea.

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