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if you follow lila was here or the facebook page, you’ll know that one of the highlights of the past month for us was a family trip to the dominican republic to photograph a destination wedding. we spent a week in punta cana and it was all sorts of awesome (with a little bit of crazy thrown in for good measure). we also spent one weekend in bc camping with old friends and the rest of the month was mostly comprised of either being outside enjoying the sunshine, or inside hiding from the rain, depending on the week 😛

our days in punta cana were pretty relaxed for the most part and our typical daily itinerary included sleeping late, breakfast, a couple hours in the pool or on the beach, lunchtime, naptime, a couple more hours on the beach or in the pool, dinner and early to bed. the little bit of crazy came a couple of days into the trip when lila’s elbow popped out of joint while putting on water wings. it’s happened once before here at home and a quick trip to a drop-in clinic later, all was well. the process was a little more complex in punta cana and involved an ambulance, a hospital visit, x-rays and seeing a number of medical professionals. thankfully though, as soon as everything was back in place, lila was back to 100% within minutes and the rest of the trip went off without a hitch 🙂 overall, the week was pretty amazing (more on the incredible wedding i photographed soon!) and as you’ll see below, there is no shortage of photo documentation of our little holiday… i had a wee bit of trouble narrowing things down 😉 (and in order to tell the story completely, i threw in a few iphone snaps from the elbow adventure and a couple of family photos from the resort photographers.)


we returned home for a low key father’s day, spent mostly just recovering from the late night flights, and after a short week at home, headed back on the road for a camping trip in bc. despite google maps’ determination to keep us from arriving safely at our location (long story short, one of the “roads” we were sent on had pond sized puddles, trees across it, and signs indicating it was actually a snowmobile trail… the drive was an adventure to say the least), we made it safe and sound and enjoyed an awesome (albeit quite chilly and wet) weekend with an amazing group of old friends 🙂


we finished off the month back home (thankfully our drive back from bc was much less eventful than the drive there), celebrating lila’s year end party at childcare. a slideshow and yummy snacks made for a fun afternoon and lila was pretty excited to receive her very own scrapbook of photos and projects from the teachers in her class.


oh! and you may have noticed something a little bit different about me in our holiday photos… we’re expecting baby hanki v. 2.0 in late fall and couldn’t be more excited about it! (a big thank you goes out to all of my clients (and friends and family) for their patience through the extreme tiredness and nausea that comes along with growing a baby. i’m so happy to be surrounded by so many awesome people!!)

here’s to an incredible july! xox, andrea





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