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i suppose mid-august is a tad bit late for a recap about july, but better late than never right?! looking back, the month feels like a bit of a blur, though i suppose that’s normal for summertime in the life of a photographer… especially a pregnant one with a crazy little toddler who decides to take a vacation in the middle of busy season 😉 i’m going to make this quick as i’m still playing catch up from being away for a couple of weeks, but i’ll try and make up for it next month!

i spent the month thinking i had this huge belly all of the time, but i just came across a few snaps from early july and i think i look smaller than i did in my june photos! weird. either way, there is definitely a wee babe growing up a storm in there and based on the activity level of this little one, i’d say he or she (nope, we are not finding out!) is going to be one active child. for the most part, i’ve been feeling really well and not particularly tired or uncomfortable (aside from this weird gagging issue that you really don’t want to hear about), so yay!! any gender guesses just for fun?


speaking of babies, we took a quick trip down to calgary for a newborn session mid-month and spent some time at calaway park, which was super fun. it was one of the rare july days this year that actually felt like summer, so the timing was absolutely perfect, and we even got to hook up with one of my best friends who lives there.  super fun day and i think we’ll definitely make the trip again with lila — she loved it! and thanks to kirby for attempting a pic of our family while riding the kiddie ferris wheel. they ended up being the only family photos we took all month so i’m especially thankful for them, and for not missing a month yet!


we headed out toward the end of the month on our epic british columbia roadtrip, which had stops in and around prince george, chilliwack, vancouver, victoria, penticton, nelson and a bunch more places in between! i hardly pulled out my camera as we were focused more on quality time with all of the friends and family we got to visit with, but here are a few photos from our time at the cabin i spent my summers at as a kiddo, from lila’s stint as a flowergirl in one of mark’s best friend’s wedding and from the ferry ride back to the mainland after the wedding.


hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of summer to the fullest. as much as i don’t want to admit it, i’ve been spotting changing leaves around the city these past few days — fall is just around the corner! xox, andrea.






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