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one day i’ll get caught up on these posts so it doesn’t feel like i’m writing about the distant past when i recap each month, but i’m not so sure that day will be coming anytime soon 😉 just as i mentioned last month, i’ve been too busy playing and snuggling with the little ones to get much else done around here these days, and with the end my maternity leave looming near (sidenote: i’m so excited to be working with so many awesome families and couples this year!), we’re really taking advantage of our time together and packing in as much fun as we possibly can. i’ve lucked out again today and have two sleeping kiddos for at least a few minutes, so i’m just going to jump right in here.

in february we celebrated valentine’s day, mark’s last birthday of his twenties, family day in alberta, and thursdays 🙂

mark was actually born on valentine’s day, so for the past twelve years or so, the fourteenth has usually been more about celebrating his birthday than about flowers and chocolate. this is totally fine by me as i’m not really the chocolate type — i’m more of sour candy kind of girl — and we celebrate birthdays with love and good food, so what more could i ask for?! i must admit though, since having lila and cole, i’m having way too much fun with any and all holidays and valentine’s day was no exceptoin. from crafting decorations for the living room, to making valentines for lila’s class, to eating heart shaped grilled cheese (with matching ice cubes) for lunch and wearing appropriately shaped headbands, we went all out this year. topped off with a date night birthday dinner — the day was perfection!


and while we’re talking about crafting, i also finished up cole’s birth announcements in february! two months later, i STILL need to get them addressed and in the mail… but the fact that they’re finished still has to count for something… right?!


the third monday in february is the family day stat holiday here in alberta, so we enjoyed our long weekend with (what else?) family time! we checked out two different winter festivals (left the camera at home so if you can just imagine some snow sculptures and ice skaters and hot chocolate, that would be perfect).

on to thursdays! do you live in edmonton? do you like to do fun stuff? if you answered yes to both of those questions, you need to check out the edmonton attractions pass! one of my girlfriends and i are enjoying simultaneous maternity leaves this year and beginning in february have had a standing date each thursday morning with our kids. on occasion we’ll just take it easy and have a playdate, but most weeks we’ve been heading out on adventures with the wee ones. enter the attractions pass. prepaid discounted admission to fifteen of the city’s most visited attractions (or so they advertise — 99% of people who i’ve mentioned the leduc discovery centre or ukranian cultural village to have never heard of either — but that’s beside the point), it’s an awesome way to get out and check out some of the fun things our city has to offer. our first stop was the muttart conservatory! the big kids running around the pyramids, enjoying lollipops, the little ones sleeping [for the most part] tucked snugly into their strollers, and all of us pretending it wasn’t freezing cold outside — a perfect february outing.


the rest of the month was most spent hanging out inside, staying warm and cozy, with the odd outdoor adventure thrown in. nothing groundbreaking, but (as far as i can remember — it feels like so long ago already) a super enjoyable month!


oh, and here we are in february — out of focus, but oh so happy to be outside on a warm afternoon 🙂


xox, andrea






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