.eight things.

so, i’ve been tagged by two crazy awesome photographers… gwyneth colleen is a totally hip and fun wedding photographer from seacost, nh, while deb schwedhelm is an amazing portrait photographer whom i really admire, from san diego, ca.

.the rules.

post the rules before you give the facts. post eight random facts about yourself. at the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names. leave the people you tagged a comment on their blog, letting them know that they’ve been tagged.

.my eight.

.one. this sort of goes without saying… but i LOVE the colour pink! i secretly (i guess not so secretly anymore) get a little bit extra excited about shooting weddings that have pink in the colour scheme.

.two. i’ve always loved photography but had no idea how to make a career of it, so my start in the industry was a little unexpected. i was actually hired on my wedding day by the photographer who shot my wedding, based solely on my creativity and passion for the art. i feel so lucky to have found such an amazing career so early in my life and will be forever grateful for the opportunity presented to me by my photographer.

.three. and seeing as i don’t ever try to hide the fact of how new i am to this industry… that was just last may! i’ve been married to my awesome husband mark for just over fifteen months now and am so looking forward to whatever the future holds for us. it’s going to be good!

.four. i’m heading back to school tomorrow to start my last year in the elementary education program at the university of alberta. i’ve really enjoyed university, but i can’t wait to be finished so i can focus on my photography full time — mom, pretend you didn’t just read that ;). between my full course load at school and the weddings and photosessions i have booked, this fall is going to be crazy busy! (this is likely going to lead to the blog slowing down a bit, but i’ll try to keep it updated as best i can.)

.five. i am really looking forward to moving toward photographing maternities, babies, kids and seniors, as well as weddings. i really love capturing personalities, big and small, and i love the challenge of doing different things all the time! (as a side note, if anyone in edmonton or surrounding area knows of some highschool seniors who will be looking for senior photos this year, send them my way with a reference to this post and they’ll get a killer deal.)

.six. i grew up in british columbia and only moved to alberta to attend university here in edmonton. though i do like it here (i think that really, i am happy anywhere i’m surrounded by people and things i love) i miss the lakes and hills and trees back home and i hope to end up back in bc one day.

.seven. here’s another obvious one… i only like using lowercase letters when i type or print (i rarely handwrite). sometimes i worry that it makes me appear unprofessional, so i often use proper capitalization in emails — but i prefer not to… uppercase letters cramp my style 😉

.eight. i am constantly overwhlemed and amazed by the support that i’ve received from my family, friends, clients and fellow photographers since embarking on this journey. i could never say thank you enough to all of you, but know that i appreciate you all so much! i can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

.tag, you’re it.

if anyone’s made it this far — sorry, sometimes i tend to ramble — this is where i tag eight other photographers and you go check out their awesome blogs to see their answers! in my case though, it seems like a few of these people have already been tagged, so go to their blogs just to check out their awesome work, and if you’re interested, dig through their posts to find their answers…

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and this is totally unrelated… but because i can’t bring myself to post here without an image or two, here’s another of my favourites from the weidlich family session a couple of weeks back. fun fun fun.


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