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august was similar to july in that it flew by ridiculously quickly… and in that it’s being recapped a wee bit late 😉 again, there is much client work to be worked on and shared, so i’m going to [try to] go light on the text here and try to let the images tell the story of our month as much as possible!

we began our month still on the bc trip i mentioned last month, in penticton hanging out with some awesome photographer friends of mine. we’ve had the chance to hang out with brooke and michele for three years in a row now and it was awesome to hang out again. the kids were instant best pals and were pretty much inseparable the few days we were there. we spent most of our time at the beach and even bravely attempted a little photoshoot with two of the toddlers. it was an adventure, to say the least 😉


after leaving penticton, we spent a couple of days visiting family, camping and slowly making our way back home to alberta. we stopped along the way at a little beach outside nelson, where our one and only family photo of the month of the month was taken. self timer, no showers, full sun and child who just wanted to get in the water isn’t necessarily the perfect recipe for a family photo, but it’s what we’ve got this month, so it’s what you get to see 😉


back home in edmonton, we had a little bbq/party midmonth for the playgroup kiddos (first introduced here), who are all born in november or december and will therefore never get a summer birthday party. hot dogs, ice cream and a bouncy castle turned out to be the perfect way to keep five two and a half year olds happy for a few hours on a summer afternoon.


and because what better time to start new projects than when you’re super busy with work and family and growing a baby, i decided august was the perfect time to start painting our master bedroom… or perhaps the urge to paint was due to growing said baby — hello nesting!! our bedroom and my office (which will hopefully be a nursery sometime before the wee one arrives) are pretty much the only two rooms in the house that weren’t painted within a month of our moving in here, and i got sick of living with grey and purple linens in a tan and burgundy bedroom. it’s still not 100% finished, but i can’t even tell you how much lovely it feels to wake up to fresh white walls every morning 🙂 now to get the basement development finished so my office can move downstairs and i can get started on the baby room!!


while we’re [sort of] talking about baby. i would love love love any name suggestions you’d like to throw our way. we have a few names on the baby girl list, but our boy list is completely empty at the moment, and given that miss lila was almost a month early, we could be having this baby sooner rather than later!


back to august — yes, i’m all over the place right now, ha — aside from the vacation and parties (in addition to the playgroup party, two of li’s other pals had awesome birthday parties last month too), we spent most of our free time chasing the sunny days to various spray parks, playing in the backyard pool and just enjoying what is left of summer.


oh, and not to forget, dressing up as lions 😉


hello fall! xox, andrea





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